Square lip gloss tube PETG 3ml -ZMG274B

Square lip gloss tube PETG 3ml

The square lip gloss tube is crafted with a clear bottle and has a capacity of 3ml. It features a cap embellished with a gradient metallic purple-to-silver design. The cap is made of ABS material, while the bottle is made of PETG.

This versatile lip gloss tube is suitable for various liquid cosmetic products, including lip gloss, lip plumper, liquid lipstick, lip tint, liquid blush, and liquid eyeshadow.

As a lip gloss tube manufacturer, we offer customization options for this product. You can choose the color, and finish, and even have your logo printed on the tube. Whether you desire a specific color scheme, or a unique finish, or want to showcase your brand through custom printing, we can accommodate your needs.