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Enhancing the value of the cosmetics packaging

We are committed to enhancing the value of the cosmetics packaging industry. It is not only a simple design for packaging, but also a mission of brand development in new market areas. From a concept, mold development, production to transportation, to achieve the one-stop service for cosmetic packaging.

Professional engineers and design teams

With complete technical and R&D department, you not only can choose our standard products, also can create private mold for new products, even custom distinctive outer packaging with our standard products.

Flexible delivery time

ZOEMIR cosmetics have a large investment in automation equipment and assembly equipment to improve our production efficiency.

Strict quality inspection system

With more than 10 years of quality inspection experience, we can well control our goods’ quality in every production part. Quality is produced, not inspected. And our quality starts from design, mold, materials, throughout the whole production process.

Efficient logistics system

With reliable and efficient logistics system, can help you save time and energy. Flexible shipment terms, from air, train to sea, meet with all your requirements. Our main purpose is to deliver the goods to customers safely and efficiently.

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