Lipstick Tube – A Unique and Stylish Choice for the Festive Season

Magnetic Switch Lipstick Tube

Get ready for the Festive season with our Magnetic Switch Lipstick Tube ZMS285. Its distinctive striped design and strong magnetic closure make it a must-have accessory. With customizable options and a range of cup sizes, this plastic tube is perfect for creating special edition lipsticks for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The combination of the luxurious gold plating and silver spray-painted finish elevates the overall aesthetic of this lipstick tube. It exudes a sense of opulence and elegance that is perfect for the festive season. Your customers will be drawn to its glamorous appearance and will eagerly reach for this lipstick to complete their holiday look.

Key Features:
– Unique appearance with a stylish striped design
– Strong magnetic switch for smooth and effortless opening and closing
– Available in three cup sizes (11.8mm, 12.1mm, and 12.7mm) with a conventional twist mechanism
– Made from plastic material, allowing for injection molding in any solid color
– Customizable options for color, finish, and logo printing

Make a statement this holiday season with our Magnetic Switch Lipstick Tube. Its unique design, smooth magnetic switch, and customizable options make it perfect for creating special edition lipsticks. Get ready to celebrate Christmas and New Year in style by offering your customers a festive and exclusive lip product. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life.