Introducing Our Compact and Colorful AS Powder Compact Case -ZMP517

Compact and Colorful AS Powder Compact Case

Discover the perfect accessory for your beauty collection – our compact and vibrant AS powder compact case. Crafted with high-quality AS material, it offers versatility in color options and is designed to hold various makeup products.

AS outerior, the injection molding process allows for a transparent or colored transparent exterior, while the ABS interior offers a solid color option.
The single-layer design features a square compartment, perfect for holding blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, and other makeup essentials.
From picture, available in stunning candy pink and orange colors for reference, which is on-trend design with the Y2K fashion and dopamine style.
Compact and travel-friendly size for on-the-go touch-ups
Available in different color options, custom color an finish

Elevate your makeup packaging and make a bold collections with our exceptional AS powder compact case. Explore the vibrant colors and express your unique style. Contact us today to add a pop of color to your beauty collection.