You don’t want to miss it! The premium and fashionable magnetic closure lipstick tube.

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A luxury and good quality lipstick tube with magnetic closure. It has concave on both sides, you can laser engrave your logo on it. Its surface can be made all rose gold. Or design it like the right picture showed, the color of the concave size can be different from the front side through a laser engraved process.

*Note: the concave sides are unavailable to print the logo. Only can be laser engraved. So the logo’s color will be the same as the front side color. If you want to silkscreen logo or different color on the front side, you can design logo and print it on the front side.

It is a premium and fashionable lipstick tube, very popular in the market. Come to share your design ideas, and let us fix them together. the earlier you launch it, the greater the market rate you can take up.