Visually appealing and stylish packaging design -ZMS408

Luxury gold square lipstick tube

This Lipstick packaging design is truly captivating. The transparent tube allows the lipstick shade to be visible, while the internal components feature a metallic gold finish, creating a stunning contrast against the clear plastic.

One standout feature of this packaging is the square shape of the lipstick tube, and on one side, there is an independent piece –a gold plaque,–strategically placed. This plaque adds an extra touch of fine and elegance to the overall design.

To further enhance the luxurious feel, the gold plaque is laser engraved with the word “Lipstick”. This subtle yet impactful detail adds a sense of exclusivity and high-end quality to the product.

The combination of the transparent tube, gold accents, and laser-engraved plaque creates a visually appealing and stylish packaging design. It not only showcases the vibrant shade of lipstick but also adds a touch of luxury and exquisite to any makeup collection.

As a lipstick tube manufacturer, customization is available to meet the specific needs and branding requirements of clients. This allows for unique and personalized designs that align with the brand’s vision and aesthetic.