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Paper palettes account for 50% of the total makeup palettes on the market. Beauties love them for their unlimited color combinations, empowering them to reinvent their makeup look every day.

As a supplier, we manufacture 100% cardboard palettes, which is a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.

There are five advantages to choosing paper palettes:
1) Paper palettes are easy to customize.
You can customize the paper palette from shape, and size to finish and printing with low mold development cost.
2) Flexible MOQ
Start from low MOQ, usually 3000 pieces. So you don’t need a huge investment at the beginning.
3) Unlimited possibility of decoration and printing
There are a large choice of decoration options, for example, textured ink, leather-like, velvet touch, and special paper. But the most popular are glossy lamination and matte lamination, their touch and looking are greatly different. If you want palettes to be luxurious, you can choose holographic lamination or special paper, like texture paper.
Or you can make it with multi colors, patterns, and logo printing to decorate its surface and let palettes serve as a display stand to fully present your products. For logo printing, usually do hot stamping and silkscreen. It also can be debossed or embossed, etc.

Paper palettes decoration and printing
4) design the shape and the size of slots optionally.
The shape and size of the slots of the palette can be customized to your needs. You can choose one or multiple pans to create your unique palette. with or without a brush slot is dependent on you.
5) Magnetic closure
Paper palettes usually feature magnet closure, very easy to close and open.

Send us your product concept and artwork now, and let us help to develop unique eyeshadow palettes for you.