Dress your lip gloss tube with sophisticated look -ZMY120

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The design of the lip gloss tube is sleek and modern, featuring a matte nude bottle with a unique water transfer printing artwork that adds an elegant touch. The silkscreen “lip glaze” words are clearly visible on the tube, adding a professional and sophisticated look.

The cap of the tube is designed with a gradual transition from matte nude at the base to a translucent nude at the tip, creating an interesting visual effect. This gradient design adds a touch of glamour to the overall appearance of the tube.

The wand is made of PETG, a durable and transparent material. It is equipped with a hytrel applicator, which ensures smooth and precise application of the lip glaze. The applicator provides a comfortable and controlled application, making it easy to achieve the desired lip look.

The lip gloss tube has a capacity of 4ml. The versatile usage of the lip gloss tube makes it suitable for various lip products such as lip glaze, lip plumper, and liquid lipstick.

Overall, the design of the lip gloss tube is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Its attention to detail and high-quality materials make it a desirable product for both consumers and makeup professionals.