Discover the Super Cute and Functional Double-Walled Lip Gloss Tube with Futuristic Design

hold live lip gloss

Introducing our new favorite – the super cute lip gloss tube! Its design is both unique and practical, sure to be the standout piece in your makeup bag.

With a square bottle and a unique spherical cap, the cap features small grooves on both sides that are suitable for pinching with fingers, making it super easy to use. The transparent cap shows the spiral of the bottleneck in perspective, adding a touch of futuristic flair – it’s seriously cool!

The square bottle boasts a double-walled structure with a transparent outer wall and a solid-colored molding inner wall, perfectly complementing the color of the lip product inside.

This lip gloss tube features a PETG transparent wand and a heart-shaped applicator, making every application full of love. With a capacity of 3.8 grams, it’s perfect for holding various lip products like lip gloss, lip oil, lip mud, and lipstick.

Whether you’re all about fashion or functionality, this lip gloss tube has got you covered! It makes your lip products anything but ordinary and turns every application into a fun fashion moment. Choose this lip gloss tube and elevate your makeup game to be the center of attention!